Since we’re located on the Missouri side of the river in St. Louis, people always want to know if we’ll buy a car that’s located, titled, or licensed in Illinois. So… you ask do you buy cars from Illinois? The short answer is YES!


The only caveat is that we won’t come to you and pick up the car. If you live in Illinois and want to sell us your car, then you’ll need to either drive it here or find a way for your car to get to us. If your car isn’t drivable, you can have it towed to us. We always love getting new customers, but we also want to make sure you’re making a smart financial decision. You’ll need to weigh the cost and decide if it’s worth it to take your car to us, rather than find someone located close to you.

So again, we won’t turn down cars from Illinois, however, we won’t pick them up from you. It’s simply not cost-effective for us to be driving across the bridge a few times a day to pick up cars. We hope you understand. Also, being completely honest, if the car isn’t drivable then it’s probably not worth it.

If you are interested in selling your junk car or motorcycle, you can give us a call at
314-621-2104, or use the contact form below.

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