Towing Cars With No Wheels
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Towing Cars With No Wheels

Towing a car with no wheels can be a daunting task, but with the right equipment, knowledge, and precautions, it can be done safely and effectively.

First and foremost, safety should always be the top priority when towing a vehicle, especially one without wheels. Before we attempt to tow a car with no wheels, we make sure that we assess the situation carefully.

Here at Junk Cars For Cash St. Louis, our drivers are experienced and have the equipment to remove your car even if it doesn’t have wheels. And before we remove it, we pay you cash on the spot for your vehicle!

Our drivers follow procedures to make sure your vehicle is removed correctly:

Assess the Situation: Before attempting to tow the car, we carefully assess the condition of the vehicle and the terrain where it is located.

Gather the Necessary Equipment: Towing a car without wheels requires specialized equipment, including a flatbed tow truck or trailer, winches, straps, and ramps.

Secure the Vehicle: If the car has any remaining wheels, we use wheel dollies or jacks to lift it off the ground and place it onto the flatbed truck or trailer. If the car is missing all of its wheels, we use ramps or a lift system to hoist it onto the towing vehicle.

Use Proper Straps and Chains: We secure the car to the towing vehicle using heavy-duty straps, chains, or cables. We make sure to attach the straps to sturdy anchor points on both vehicles to prevent the car from shifting or coming loose during transit.

Double-Check the Connections: Before we tow the vehicle, double-check all the connections to ensure that they are secure. Test the straps and chains to ensure that they can withstand the weight of the car and any potential bumps or jolts during transit.

Drive Carefully: Once the car is securely attached to the towing vehicle, we drive carefully and obey all traffic laws. Keep in mind that towing a car without wheels can affect the handling and braking of the towing vehicle.

Monitor the Towing Process: We periodically check the straps, chains, and connections during transit to ensure that they remain secure. If you notice any signs of loosening or damage, pull over safely and make the necessary adjustments or repairs before continuing.

Need that extra cash today? Give us a call or a text at 314-621-2104 and we will come to you to tow it away and pay you cash on the spot!


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